CAVA 01 is the direct source to the best stone quarries in Italy and all over the world.  We have the capability to provide our  products to wholesale distributors and for luxury architectural projects. All our knowledge comes from 100 years of family history in the field, carried over by the founder, Massimo Geraci, born and raised in Carrara.
Our direct  sourcing partnership with quarries in Carrara and our relationship with quarries from all over the world, led us to be extremely competitive in quality and prices.  Our mission is to  provide the best  quality and service by guiding our clients to the realization of their goals and avoid the struggle of going through adverse sourcing.
Stone supplies by CAVA 01 enriches not only the concept of luxury and prestige in landmark buildings, but also within the most prestigious private homes in all corners of the globe.



We undertake projects ranging from residential to commercial.  Working closely with our clients, we bring their vision to fruition by creating a final product with a meticulous attention to details so it is ready for installation.


We have access to the most innovative 3D robotic stone carving technology to realize any type of artistic work in any type of stone.  With our expert team of “Stone Maestri”  we create detailed personalized proposal according to the indications of the client. we work with  art galleries and highly esteemed  artists to bring their vision to fruition.


We have a wide network of stone artisans that allow us to provide  unique ornamental stone items.


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